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BFF victorious at the 2018 IBJJF Austin Open Championship

July 22nd, 2018 by Buddy Chambers

On the Weekend of July 21-22, 2018 at the Round Rock Sports Center, four of BFF’s competitors were able to bring back gold, and double-gold. From blue-belt to brown-belt, BFF was able to secure a victory. Starting with Kody Steele, he secured the NoGi brown-belt gold medal for his division. Next is Brandon Gutierrez, he secured double-gold in the purple-belt Gi and NoGi divisions, finishing all his opponents via submission in the Gi division. William Tackett was able bring back double-gold, winning both blue-belt Gi and NoGi medals for his division, he also was able to finish all his fights via submission. Lasty is Billy Kelley, he was able to secure the gold for his division in NoGi and placed 3rd for his division in NoGi Absolute.

Notable mentions go to Brandon McCormick, who got silver medal after wining two fights in the blue-belt super heavy division, and Evan Pfirrman placed second after winning three fights in his white-belt division, and Tosan Eruwayo secured the bronze medal in the white-belt heavy division.

Good work from the entire team, including those that didn’t get the results they wanted. Win or lose you all fought hard and we are proud of you no matter what. This is a learning experience and we will come back stronger.

Congratulations to the team! And thanks to all the friends, family and sponsors that continue to show their support for athletes and for the BJJ community. “Together we are Stronger”.

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