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Kids BJJ Online/At Home Curriculum

March 30th, 2020 by Buddy Chambers

During this COVID-19 Pandemic BFF is now offering online classes, as well as launching a new program called the Kids BJJ Online/At Home Curriculum.

The Kids BJJ Online/At Home Curriculum is a program that is comprised of a weekly exercise and technique list and a plan table that allows a student to download and fill out activities done at home and during the week, such as; doing chores, helping at home, volunteering, playing sports, exercising, and much more.

The goal of the At Home Curriculum is to help motivate our students to be more pro-active at home and give them a chance to work on and improve their jiu-jitsu while allowing them to earn their stripes and make their way up the BJJ hierarchy in a consistent manner.

This program is entirely optional but we encourage all of our students to participate. If a student does not choose to participate, they will still be able to earn stripes and level-up, but by engaging in the program it helps us keep track of a student’s progress ensuring that they consistently can level-up.

The Weekly Plan and Exercise table can be located down below.

Parents, please email us with the subject: “Kids At Home Curriculum”. Thank you, and please stay safe!

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