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William Tackett Defeats Rousimar Palhares

August 9th, 2021 by Buddy Chambers

BFF Checkmat Teammate William Tackett, recently went to Brazil to compete in the super-stacked BJJ Bets Grand Prix, and had an impressive performance and won his first match but unfortunately wasn’t able to continue his 2nd match due to injury.

William was set to go up against Rousimar “Toquinho” Palhares, a strong and dangerous(and legendary) competitor known for ripping leg attacks and controversially holding submissions for too long.

William was able to dominantly win his match via Unanimous Decision(UD). William calmly and successfully defended Palhares’ leg attacks, then was able to pass his guard, mount him, then eventually took his back, where Will was searching for the finish the rest of the match.

Unfortunately, William couldn’t participate in the 2nd Match against the legendary Leandro Lo because of a rib injury previously sustained from training, which was further aggravated in the previous match. Despite this, William still chose to compete and won his first match in great fashion against a BJJ Monster.

Great work, congratulations, and what amazing heart and Jiu-Jitsu demonstrated by William.

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