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BFF brings home multiple medals from IBJFF Pans 2019

March 26th, 2019 by Buddy Chambers

This past weekend was an amazing one for the BFF Checkmat Team. This time the team competed at the 2019 IBJFF Pan Am Championship in Irving, CA. The BFF Checkmat team brought home triple gold medals and one silver medal. Starting with Tiffany Butler in the feather weight division, Tiffany had three fights, winning two by submission and one by points. Tiffany then went on to compete in the absolute division where she had two fights, winning both via submission. Congratulations and what an amazing performance!

Andrew Tackett went on to win gold, as well as a silver medal for each division he competed in. Andrew had a series of tough matches but was able secure the victory. Andrew won his first match by eight points, then went on to win his second match winning by three advantages, and finally he lost in the final match via DQ via accidental illegal submission. In the absolute division, Andrew went on to win his first match via rubber guard omoplata, then his won his second match via points, and lastly won his final match via Ref’s decision. Congratulations, and great work!

Congrats to the BFF Checkmat team, and thanks to all the friends, family and sponsors that continue to show their support. “Together We Are Stronger”

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