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BFF Kids brings back 3 silver medals from IBJJF Pan Kids 2020

February 14th, 2020 by Buddy Chambers

The BFF Checkmat Kids teams recently competed at the IBJJF Pan Kids 2020 this past weekend(Feb 8) and gave amazing performances with 3 students winning 1 silver medal a piece bringing home a total of 3 silvers at Pan Kids.

Starting with Caleb Tackett, Caleb won his first 2 fights via submission and lost by 2 points in the finals securing him the silver medal. Next is Jackson Glass, and Jackson submitted his 1st opponent then went on to win 8-0 in the semi finals but lost in the finals by 2 points making him the silver medalist. And lastly we have Charlie Glass, and Charlie won her first match by 12 points(14-2), then lost in the finals by 2 points, but it was enough for her to win the silver medal. Congratulations and great job on your performances, we are proud of you.

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