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BFF multiple wins at 3rd Coast Grappling V

January 20th, 2021 by Buddy Chambers

December 19th, 2020 marked the last weekend, and the last competition the BFF Checkmat team would be competing until the New Year, and the team came out with a series of victories to finish the year off in remarkable fashion.

Starting off in no particular order we have William Tacket, and William had a solid match up against BJJ legend Felipe Andrew, and was able to get the submission via heel hook just one minute into the match. Then we have Kody Steele, and Kody had a rock solid performance against another legend, Edwin Namji. Kody put on a show with his grapple-jitsu style and secured the victory via Points. Next is Andrew Tackett, and Andrew had a no-time-limit match against DDS Damien Anderson, that went 50+ minutes, until the Judges called the match and ruled Andrew Tackett the victor via UD. Next up was Justin Rennick and Justin had a tough match against a solid opponent, and ultimately lost to decision, but gave an great performance. And lastly we have Jordon Holy, who also had a hard match against a game opponent. Jordon ended up taking the victory via points in overtime. Congratulations and great work from the BFF Checkmat team. Thanks to everyone that continues to support our athletes and the BJJ community. 2020 Surely ended off with a bang!

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