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BFF triumphant at the Austin International Open

August 8th, 2017 by Buddy Chambers

It was a successful weekend for the Brazilian Fight Factory Checkmat Team as professor Rodrigo Cabral brought home the gold for his division, and professor Joshua Lewis competed for the first time as a black belt and secured the bronze medal for his division as well. Assistant instructor Kody Steele brought home double gold in Gi and NoGi as well as securing the bronze in open division. Billy Kelly secured double gold in Gi and NoGi for his division. Jonathan Fleming also was able to bring home the bronze, while assistant Muay Thai Instructor Spencer Hanley got gold in NoGi as well as many other BFF teammates that were able to bring home various medals. Every single student that competed in the tournament this weekend has proved that they have what it takes to become a champion. We wanted to give thanks to all the friends, family and teammates that were there to support and helps us prepare both physically and mentally, and for helping to support the local BJJ community. “Together, we are stronger”.

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