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BFF victorious at the 2017 World Jiu-Jitsu IBJJF Championships

December 23rd, 2017 by Buddy Chambers

This was a great weekend(December 16-17th, 2017) for BFF at Worlds No Gi. We’re so happy for William Tackett and Kody Steele, William became World Champion in both his category and in the absolute division beating Rayron Gracie in the absolute finals(A World champion and 50 pounds heavier), then went on to to win the fight against Mata Leão, and while submitting all of his opponents in less than 3 minutes. Congratulations.

Kody had 6 fights, and he submitted 4 of his opponents, and won 1 by points but ending up losing a very close final match bringing home the silver medal at Worlds No Gi. Silvers can be sour, but not this one! Kody had amazing matches, and fought like a beast in all of them! Congratulations

We had a 7 week fight camp for this tournament, and those students never missed one day of  training. We’re very happy for both Kody and William, and know this is just the beginning for these two gentleman. Just so proud! Congratulations to the entire Checkmat team for their hard work, and thanks to all of the our family and friends for their support. Brazilian Fight Factory’s continued success is another reason why BFF is the place to be for Austin Brazilian Jiu Jitsu because “Together we are stronger”.

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