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BFF Wins Multiple Medals at Austin Open 2021

July 26th, 2021 by Buddy Chambers

The weekend of July 17/18th the BFF Checkmat team competed at the 2021 Austin Open, and came back with a string of dominate victories and performances.

Starting with Andrew Tackett, Andrew has strong set of performances winning all eight of his fights via submission in the nogi purple-belt division. Grayson Henley also dominated his matches with two wins both via submissions in the nogi purple-belt division. Billy Kelly(brown-belt) also had a great performance and won the gold medal for his nogi division. Zack Telander(white-belt) won his two matches finishing both of them with submissions winning him the gold medal for his gi division. And finally, we have Jonathan Fleming(purple-belt), and Micheal McCray(blue-belt), both had great performances and were able to secure the bronze, both scoring a victory in their nogi divisions. Congrats to team, and great job from every one of our competitors. Win or lose, “Together We Are Stronger”.

Categories: Champions, Jiu Jitsu