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BFF wins Multiple Medals at the 2020 Austin Winter Open

February 5th, 2020 by Buddy Chambers

This past January(25th/26th) the BFF Checkmat team competed at the 2020 Austin Winter Open and came through with several victories. Starting in alphabetical order we have Ashley Bilak(purple-belt) and she was able to secure 1st place and 3rd place in the divisions she competed in. Next is Jesse Maxon(white-belt) and he won 1st place winning his fights via arm-bar, points, and lapel choke respectively. Joshua Beurskens(white-belt) got 2nd place winning his matches by arm-bar and guillotine, respectively. And Lazlo Szilagyi(white-belt) won his fight via 7 points to secure the gold. Lastly, we have Willem Keetell(white-belt), and coming off of a win from the Evolve tournament last November, Will secured the 2nd place spot for his division. Amazing, congratulations and great work from all the competitors including those that did not place, “For we do not lose, we learn”.

Categories: Champions, Jiu Jitsu