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Bralilian Fight Factory victorious 3rd Coast Grappling Championship

April 1st, 2019 by Buddy Chambers

This past Friday, the BFF Checkmat team went to Houston, TX for the Third Coast Grappling Championship and as usual gave amazing performances. The team had two superfights, and one tournament. Competing in each respectively is Kody Steele(brown-belt), Andrew Tackett(blue-belt) and William Tackett(purple-belt). Kody Steele had an amazing performance and won his superfight via points winning by 13-0, congratulations! Next up is Andrew with another stellar performance, and Andrew was able to also win his superfight via points as well winning 14-0, great work! And lastly we have William Tackett who competed in the Third Coast Grappling tournament. William had three fights and won all three fights via submission making him the Third Coast Grappling tournament Champion, congrats.

Congratulations and impressive performances by the entire checkmat team! And Thanks to all the friends, family and sponsors that continue you show their support. “Together We Are Stronger”.

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