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Brazilian Fight Factory brings home multiple medals at the 2019 IBJFF Dallas Open

September 18th, 2019 by Buddy Chambers

This past weekend the Brazilian Fight Factory Checkmat Team had another series of victories at this year’s IBJJF Dallas Open. Starting with Jonathan Fleming, Jonathan was able to come out on top winning 4 gold medals in the Gi and NoGi purple-belt divisions and gave great performances. Next is up is Andrew Tackett and Andrew also won 4 Gold medals in the Gi and NoGi blue-belt divisions as well giving another amazing display of BJJ. And lastly but not least, we have Michael McCray, and Michael was able to secure the silver medal in the Gi white-belt division, solid job. Congratulations to all these athletes for their solid performances, and once again they demonstrate why Brazilian Fight Factory is one of the top BJJ schools to train at in Central, TX. “Together We Are Stronger”

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