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WE TRAIN AND COMPETE IN MUAY THAI KICKBOXING IN AUSTIN, TX.  Muay Thai, or simply “Thai boxing”, is a martial art that utilizes not only the punches and kicks of boxing and kickboxing, but also strikes with knees and elbows as well as close-range clinch fighting. Read below for more on our Austin Muay Thai program. We offer a variety of classes that teach all of these skills in a very welcoming and community-focused environment.

Here are a few things that make Ambush Muay Thai unique:

  • We are the most active competitive Muay Thai team in Central Texas. We compete regularly in Muay Thai events and tournaments, both locally and nationally. Our program has produced numerous Muay Thai and MMA champions, several of whom started at Ambush Muay Thai with no previous martial arts experience.
  • We have an on-ramp program for beginners. Brand-new students are not simply thrown into their first class with no idea of what to do. Instead, their first several classes involve 1-on-1 training with an experienced coach to help develop the fundamentals of Muay Thai.
  • We have a well-structured and progressive curriculum, including a fundamentals class that emphasizes Thai boxing fundamentals and mechanics, and a tactics class that emphasizes fighting tactics and application.
  • We have a weekly clinch class dedicated entirely to close-range stand-up fighting, one of the most important yet neglected aspects of kickboxing and MMA.
  • We have a weekly dedicated sparring class for students of all levels to test their skills in a live but controlled and cooperative environment.
  • We provide striking training for MMA and have trained fighters in every major organization including UFC, Bellator, ONE FC, Strikeforce, and Legacy.
  • Most importantly, we are not just a class or a program. We are a team and a family. We learn together, we grow together, we excel together; together we are stronger. Everyone is important, everyone has a role.

Our levels of progression are:

  • Level 0: Students who have no experience and are brand new to Muay Thai.
  • Level 1: Students who are learning the fundamental techniques and mechanics of Muay Thai.
  • Level 2: Students who have a solid grasp on the fundamentals of Muay Thai and are learning to apply them tactically in fighting.

Austin Muay Thai Classes


Class Times: Tues 6-6:45pm & Thurs 6-6:45pm
Levels: 0
Coach: Sean McKiernan, Spencer Hanley, Jenna Crank
“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” – Lao Tzu

Our on-ramp classes are tailored for students who are new to Muay Thai. The first few classes consist of 1-on-1 training with an experienced coach and focus on proper fighting stance, footwork, and fundamental punches and kicks.


Class Times: Tues 6-6:45pm & Thurs 6-6:45pm
Levels: 1 & 2
Coach: Bobby Peek
“Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying the basic fundamentals.” – Jim Rohn

Our fundamentals classes focus on teaching the fundamentals and mechanics of Muay Thai and boxing. These classes employ shadowboxing, partner drills, and bag work to fine-tune punches, kicks, combinations, and defense.

Shadowboxing/Bag Drills

Class Times: Wed 6-6:45am, Thurs 6:45-7:15pm & Sun 11-11:45am
Levels: 1 & 2
Coach: Elton Wells, Bobby Peek, Spencer Hanley
“The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is practice.” – Vladamir Horowitz

Our shadowboxing/bag drills classes focus on meticulous practice of Muay Thai techniques via specific drills that are guided by instructors.

Partner Drills

Class Times: Wed 6:45-7:30am, Thurs 6:45-7:30pm & Sun 11:45-12:30pm
Levels: 1 & 2
Coach: Elton Wells, Spencer Hanley
“Repetitio est mater studiorum” (Latin for “repetition is the mother for learning”).

Our partner drills classes focus on perfecting technique, defense, and counters via a high number of repetitions with a partner.


Class Times: Sat 10:15-11am
Levels: 1 & 2
Coach: Elton Wells
“Clinch happens.” – Team Ambush

Our clinch classes focus on all aspects of fighting at close-range including position, control, flow, defense, sweeps, and attacking with knees and elbows.


Class Times: Thurs 7:30-8:15pm
Levels: 1 & 2
Coach: Elton Wells
“Turn your sparring into play – but always play seriously.” – Bruce Lee

Our sparring classes give students an opportunity to try what they’ve learned in class, determine which techniques work well for them and which don’t, and discover which areas of their practice need additional work.


Class Times: Tues 7-8pm & Sat 8:45-9:30am
Levels: 2
Coach: Elton Wells
“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory.” – Sun Tzu

Our tactics classes are for students who have a strong foundation in Muay Thai. It builds on fundamentals by further developing the mechanics while also focusing more on tactical applications via partner drills, pad work, and light technical sparring.

Pad Work

Class Times: Tues 6:45-7:15pm & Sat 9:30-10:15am
Levels: 1 & 2
Coach: Elton Wells, Bobby Peek
“First work on good form and later, on speed.” – Bruce Lee

Our pad work classes focus on training strikes, combinations, and tactics at full speed and power using focus mitts and Thai pads with a coach or experienced fighter.

See our class schedule for Austin Muay Thai Kickboxing dates and times.

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