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Coach Bobby Peek


Muay Thai Level One Instructor

Bobby Peek started training in Tae Kwon Do when he was five years of age in west Texas. Bobby reached the rank of 3rd Dan black belt and competed in national and international tournaments regularly and placed 3rd at the junior Olympics. Throughout his career he also gained experience teaching Tae Kwon Do at community centers and other schools in west Texas. At the age of twenty, Bobby decided to shift his focus to MMA and moved to San Antonio. Bobby was first introduced to Muay Thai by certified Fairtex Instructor Jamie Miller, and Bobby trained as a student of Jamie’s for three years. Once he returned from Thailand he accepted the head Muay Thai instructor of the Furious Training Center in San Antonio, TX. Bobby has taught Muay Thai at five gyms in the Austin and San Antonio areas and has coached all age and experience levels, from kids all the way up to professional fighters. After teaching in San Antonio, Bobby wanted to focus on competing in MMA and Muay Thai and decided to make the move to Austin, TX in 2010 and has been training under Elton Wells ever since. Bobby also cross trains in MMA, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, boxing and Muay Thai. Bobby also holds the rank of three-stripe blue belt in BJJ under Rodrigo Cabral. Bobby is a now a level one Muay Thai instructor and also helps fighters prepare during fight camp under Elton’s guidance.

Main Achievements:
Trained Muay Thai in Las Vegas, Manila, Philippines and Phuket, Thailand at the world renowned Tiger Muay Thai
Bobby helps prepared and cornered both amateur and professional fighters in some of the biggest organizations in the world
Bobby has also competed in Muay Thai, BJJ and MMA
3rd Dan Tae Kwon Do black belt (2016)
155 lbs Ascension Muay Thai National Tournament Champion (2016)