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Muay Thai Coach Elton Wells


Muay Thai Instructor

Elton began training martial arts as a young teenager in 1988, initially in the traditional styles of Kenpo and Tang Soo Do. In 1998 he discovered Muay Thai and fully adopted it as his primary style, training Muay Thai while also cross-training in boxing and BJJ with several gyms across North Carolina, Washington, Atlanta, and Texas. Elton has trained extensively as a personal student of Ajarn Jason Webster, who was a personal student of Muay Thai legend Apidej Sitiran and Krabi Krabong Grandmaster Samai Mesamarn. In 2007 he began teaching Muay Thai and training competitive fighters in both Muay Thai and MMA. In 2010 Ajarn Webster promoted Elton as a full instructor, his first student to achieve this rank. In 2013 Elton created the Ambush Muay Thai team, focused on people who are interested in competition Muay Thai. Now he focuses on building a community and team for anyone who loves Muay Thai and wants to learn and improve themselves through this art.

Main Achievements:
Muay Thai full instructor with Buddhai Sawan USA.
Assistant Muay Thai coach at Competitive Training Center (Miletich Fighting Systems), 2008-2010.
Head Muay Thai coach at Austin Muay Thai/Pinnacle, 2010-2016.
Head Muay Thai coach for Ambush Muay Thai competition team, 2013-present.
Head Muay Thai coach at Brazilian Fight Factory, 2016-present.
Muay Thai coach for many pro MMA fighters in every major organization, including UFC, Bellator, ONE FC, Legacy, Strikeforce, etc.
Muay Thai coach for many amateur fighters, including several Muay Thai national tournament winners and regional MMA champions.