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Sean McKiernan Wins Ascension Muay Thai 147lb Title

August 27th, 2016 by Buddy Chambers

August 27th, 2016 set the stage for Oklahoma’s Ascension Fighting Championship, and it was there that BFF’s Team Ambush proved victorious as teammate, Sean “The Mantis Shrimp” McKiernan, brought home the Ascension Fighting Championship Title. From beginning to end, the fight was a grueling clinch match, and while Sean’s opponent was a seasoned and tough opponent, Sean was still able to drop his opponent several times(three) by utilizing his clinch in the fight before dealing the final blows as the referee called a stoppage to the fight in the 4th round granting Sean the TKO victory and becoming the new Ascension Fighting Championship 147 lbs Title holder.

Congratulations to Sean “The Mantis Shrimp” for his victory in the ring as he demonstrates why “Hard Work, Dedication and Consistency” is team Ambush’s motto. We also want to give thanks to the team and every single person that helped Sean get ready for his fight. And especially, we want to give thanks to Sean’s friends and family for showing their support and representing the BFF and Ambush Muay Thai family. This victory is just one of many to come that will prove why BFF is “The” definitive place for Muay Thai in Texas.

Original article: Sean McKiernan Wins Ascension Muay Thai 147lb Title

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