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“I have been training with Rodrigo for over 2 years. He is the best instructor around. Rodrigo takes complex techniques and is able to break them down to simple and easy to understand concepts. He is a world class athlete and an even better instructor. I love training at Brazilian Fight Factory, it is a fun family atmosphere. It is a great feeling and stress reliever to walk in the doors and be greeted by everyone just before class starts. As a gym we help each other out and reach our goals. Since starting Jiu Jitsu I have lost over 30 pounds. I am proud to say I train at Brazilian Fight Factory and I tell all my friends about our gym”

- Nicole Erdmann

“One of the Best instructors I have ever seen. He has been teaching my son for almost a year now and I see the results of Professor Rodrigo. My son has more self-confidence, discipline, knowledge of Jiu-jitsu and exercise. My son truly loves it. Professor Rodrigo‚Äôs loves teaching and It shows in every class. I am so lucky I found this gym. It is perfect for parents and kids to do something together as a family.”

- Jay Butler

“I have been training with Rodrigo for over 2 years. He is a great instructor who always rolls with his students. He ensures a safe training environment for students of all ages and levels. The quality of instruction is unparalleled and the mats are always clean. Brazilian Fight Factory is a great place to train.”

- Christopher Cardella

“Our instructor, Rodrigo, is the real deal.”

- Ian B

“I began my training about 3.5 years ago at the age of 58. I have trained in the martial arts for about 8 years prior to meeting Rodrigo. I never dreamed I would be able to do BJJ at my age without the risk of injury and getting hurt. We are definitely blessed to have a world class BJJ practitioner and world class instructor in Austin! Rodrigo has allowed me to train 3-4 days a week without getting hurt and yet still pushes me to my maximum capacity. I am humbled and proud to write I just received my purple belt. Rodrigo is known worldwide with accolades from Russia, London, Sweden, Malaysia for his skill and his integrity. I encourage everyone interested in BJJ to come by his studio and witness one of his classes as he will certainly not disappoint.”

- Greg Blackmon